A College Friend In the Role of a Lifetime

Chadwick Boseman

The guy who directed my first ever play reading is now starring as Jackie Robinson in Brian Hegeland’s “42”.

Impossible is nothing.

Go see Mr. Chadwick Boseman tear it up.


The Dirty Work of Doing

Dreaming is so much more fun than doing. The fantasy award speeches, the imaginary red carpet premieres, the casual drinks with Ewan McGregor who adores your incandescent film and begs you to cast him in your next project when said incandescent film wins the Audience Award at Sundance. (C’mon. What fun are fantasies if they aren’t specific?)

All that daydreaming beats actually having to sit and write your way through a pivotal scene at the end of the second act which is seriously mediocre…bordering on awful.

That’s why I love this little video from the Behance Network Conference’s Rilla Alexander who exposes the dirty truth. Doing is hard.

The video is my new favorite thing and describes exactly where I am with a Caribbean set, Bollywood-style project I’ve been producing for a while now. The key takeaway for me is that you’ve got to break up the idea into little, doable segments and focus on getting it done above all. Like a filmmaker friend who has now made a feature narrative and a feature doc told me recently, “I only know one thing about filmmaking. You stay with the film as long as it takes to get it made.”

So I guess I’m stuck with you…my old idea that I first loved, then hated, now love again.


Welcome to those of you who made the leap from Three Hole Punched. And welcome to those who are coming to this fresh.

I’m still the same writer/producer Carib gal with the same zest to make amazing things, but the new model comes with the maturity to realize sometimes good ideas take a while to grow.

The only way to enjoy the journey is to love the work. And I love the work.

Bring it on.